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Patients from throughout Los Angeles who need treatment for boils can access expert care from the board-certified dermatologists and providers practicing at Glendale Dermatology, located in Glendale, California.

Boils Q & A

What Are Boils?

Boils are painful, pus-filled bumps on the skin. They are caused when bacteria infect one or more hair follicles causing inflammation. Boils typically begin as red lumps that are tender to the touch. The lumps then fill with pus and grow larger and more painful until they rupture and the pus drains.

What Causes Boils?

Boils are usually caused by bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. This bacterium is often found on the skin and inside the nose. When the skin is broken, even by a small injury or insect bite, the bacteria can enter the skin can cause a boil to form. Some of the risk factors associated with boils include diabetes and compromised immunity which makes it more difficult for the body to fight infection. Other skin conditions that damage the skin’s protective barrier can also increase a person’s risk of developing a boil. Also, close contact with another person with a staph infection can increase a person’s risk.

How Do the Providers at Glendale Dermatology Treat Boils?

It is important to seek professional treatment for boils. The providers at Glendale Dermatology can treat boils anywhere on the skin. Treatment may involve making a small incision in the boil and allowing the pus to drain away. When a boil is so large that it can’t be completely drained, the area is packed with sterile gauze to absorb the additional pus and liquid. The providers may also prescribe antibiotics to help your body fight off the bacterial infection. Patients should not try to drain boils at home by themselves. Breaking the skin in a non-sterile environment is what started the infection. If done incorrectly at home, the infection may spread, causing even bigger infections which could lead to deep abscesses. If you have a boil, make an appointment with a provider at Glendale Dermatology for treatment.

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