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The providers at Glendale Dermatology provide a variety of filler treatments to address the signs of aging for their Los Angeles-based patients. Patients can be evaluated and assessed for which treatment would be optimal for them, including Sculptra, Juvederm, and Restylane at the office located in Glendale, California.

Fillers Q & A

What Happens During a Filler Treatment?

The providers at Glendale Dermatology provide evaluations of the facial features to determine which areas would benefit most from fillers and which type of filler will be most beneficial. The providers are experienced in evaluating facial anatomy and providing safe and effective injections with the cannula technique. The provider marks the parts of the face to guide the injections. When the patient’s face is ready, the provider will begin to make the injections. The provider will make the injections one-by-one, massaging the area and evaluating the results before making the next injection, repeating the process until he is satisfied with the result. The treatment lasts between 15 minutes and an hour depending on the number of areas to be treated. Once the provider has completed the injections an ice pack will be applied to reduce any temporary swelling or discomfort. There may be some tenderness following the procedure, but it is not usually painful enough to require further pain treatment. It is important to see a licensed medical professional such as the providers at Glendale Dermatology for filler treatments.

What Signs of Aging Can Fillers Improve?

Fillers from the Sculptra, Juvederm, and Restylane families are injected to plump thinning lips, enhance shallow contours, soften creases and wrinkles, treat under eye circles, and improve the appearance of hands and other areas of the body. The results of fillers are subtle and natural in appearance.

How Long Do Fillers Last?

Results from filler treatments usually last between 6 and 18 months before the body absorbs the filler material and the procedure needs to be repeated to maintain the appearance of smooth, plump and youthful skin. Patients should commit to multiple injections at regular intervals of 12- 24 months to maintain the youthful appearance of their skin.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Glendale Dermatology, we accept PPO plans of the following insurances. We do not accept any EPO plans, HMO, or Covered California plans at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. We gladly accommodate patients without insurance who wish to pay out of pocket with discounted prices.

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